As most of you know I am spending my summer in Europe. I will have very limited communication while I am here so I have created this blog for friends and family to be able to see what I am up to while I am here!

I start my summer in London, England with my grandpa Kare and his wife Vivi. They live in a suburb about 25 minutes away from the city in a cute and quite town. I will stay here from June 27 until July 1st. On the 1st I will leave for Alicante, Spain where I will be spending the majority of my summer. It is a beautiful city in the south of Spain right on the Mediteranian cost. I will study Spanish at the University of Alicante for four weeks.  During my stay here I will be living in an apartment with a host mom, Sagario, who will cook my meals and help to show me around the city. I will travel to Stockholm, Sweden on June 27th to stay with my grandma Annabella and her husband Peter. I will be able to visit many aunts uncles and cousins during my stay here. On August 3rd I will finally return to the US.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy!


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